okay, so an actual new post (holy shit we’re not dead)

So yeah. I’m sure a lot of you have noticed that we haven’t been posting lately. Basically, me and Jon are like, the only two solid members in the band at this point: writing is really all we can do, and you can’t really update a lot when all you’re doing is writing songs. However, there is something to update about: after a long and arduous recording process which took several tries, several different vocal style experiments and tons of nagging, we are finally releasing Hurt tomorrow. c:

Just some info: it IS another 8-trach demo, but we took our time with this one and really tried to nail it when it came to vocal clarity, as well as slowing shit down and turning up the sludge, if you know what I mean. We tried to make the song dirty, rock, just grungy. We’ll post it tomorrow: if you guys like it, be sure to give us feedback. We really need it at this point.


-We the Fixture.

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